As you progress through Sky Cannoneer, you can upgrade your firepower in multiple ways. One of those methods is to transform your cannon projectiles to suit your strategy!

Each of these bombs has a chance to split into smaller fragments that can destroy enemy walls.

  • Their spread is random, so they become more useful later in battle as the enemy builds up more defenses.
  • They are also effective against certain bosses due to their higher damage output!

These create an EMP near their impact point that stuns enemy cannons.

  • While an offense can be the best defense, some enemy cannon loadouts are deadly enough that locking them down early can prevent the situation from spiraling out of control!

Last but not least, these projectiles have a chance to explode dramatically and set the enemy’s Haven aflame.

  • Each of these patches of Burning Ground will consume any wall piece placed on top of it, and lasts for a full round.
  • These shots are a great way to slow down enemy expansion!

There are even rumors of advanced technologies that let you transform your cannons into more devastating variants…

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