Some of the most challenging fights in Sky Cannoneer are against powerful opponents who change the way you play and require you to rethink your loadout and strategy!

The first of these boss fights is against a flying Battlestation.

The Power Generator on a Battlestation is heavily defended.

  • To defeat this boss, players must destroy the Power Generator, but it starts off with heavy crystal and metal shielding.
  • Stronger Battlestations come with multiple Power Generators to destroy!

The Council has outfitted their Battlestations with Dual Cannons to speed up engagements.

  • These cannons cause faster damage to your wall defenses, giving you a lot more to fix during the Build phase.
  • Stronger variants of the Battlestation have more cannons and even upgrade to Quad Cannons.

Bruiser Cannons can only be mounted on large, high-powered vehicles like Battlestations.

  • These take some time to charge up, and when they do, they unleash a Bruiser Beam. This carves into the player’s Haven, completely preventing wall building in the bruised terrain area!
    • If surrounded and energized by the Power Grid, the bruised terrain can be healed.
    • It is possible to stop this attack by firing directly on the Bruiser Cannon while it’s charging up.

This is the first, least powerful boss in the game. The enemy’s commanders and lieutenants control a multitude of battle platforms, including hulking airships that would not be able to fly without the power of Vitreon.

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