Marcin Szymanski

Element Games

Lead Designer of Hero Academy announces Sky Cannoneer, the spiritual successor to Rampart

Sky Cannoneer is a modernized, accessible, expanded take on an arcade classic, with a full story campaign and a large amount of gameplay variety and depth.

Dallas, Texas -- 11/19/19: Element Games today announced that their action strategy title, Sky Cannoneer, will launch for PC on February 20th, 2020. In Sky Cannoneer,  players take to the skies above the planet Emoria, a world whose surface was devoured by plague. Command the power of mighty Battle Havens and fight in strategic realtime combat to uncover the mystery of what really happened all those years ago. Sky Cannoneer’s story campaign explores the perils of blind faith, while giving players many gameplay customization options that far exceed the arcade game that inspired it.

View the reveal trailer here:

“My goal with Sky Cannoneer was to bring the great gameplay of my all-time favorite classic arcade titles to modern audiences,” said Marcin Szymanski of Element Games. “I looked around and couldn’t find any Rampart-style games that had truly brought its gameplay into the 21st century. Whether players are familiar with Rampart, or are seeing this style of gameplay for the first time, they’ll love the combination of time pressure, alternating phases of fighting and rebuilding, and thrilling randomization that always keeps them guessing!”

Through the course of dozens of missions, players take the role of a young Corsair in the Sky Lord’s Armada and fight through challenging objectives and multiple boss fights while they seek to uncover the mystery of what happened to Emoria. A wide variety of Forts, Boosters, Upgrades, Techs, and Summons offers millions of combinations for player loadouts. Each choice must be made carefully to defeat various encounters and satisfy the most devious mission goals!

Unique Features:

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