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A Tower Defense Game for VR

You know how you’ll be driving down the highway, minding your own business, when suddenly you encounter stop and go traffic? Often, it magically clears up without any indication why it ever got so bad.

 The answer is simple: Evil Robots!

For no apparent reason, they love to create horrible traffic jams all over the world, and they’ve set their sights on your towns with the aim of creating Total Gridlock!

It’s All Up To You

This traffic must be contained at all costs. As a member of the E.R.D.F. (Evil Robot Defense Force), place defenses in your cities, such as explosive Missile Towers, hazardous Frost Towers, and deadly Rail Guns. Engage the help of Mass Transit to take out the opposition. If all else fails, command your orbiting battlecruisers to fire!

Be the hero your townsfolk deserve!

After all… with great traffic comes great responsibility.

Virtual Reality Gameplay

Evil Robot Traffic Jam brings the tower defense genre into VR from the ground up. The environment comes to life: vehicles explode like popcorn around you, ambient objects and effects delight in every direction, and you feel in complete control and comfort as you strive to rid the world of bad traffic!

Evil Robot Traffic Jam was the first game release from Element Games. What we want is pretty standard, really: to delight players with exciting, polished, and deep gameplay experiences. We hope you like what we have to offer, and would love to hear your feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

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